jueves, 2 de octubre de 2008

Carta para el gobierno Indiano - Vergüenza en Orissa

To: Authorities over Bharat

Mailto: indiaportal@gov.in

Dear Sirs,

Subject: Religion Persecution in Orissa

With all respect, and considering that I have some good friends in India, I cannot be silent as that facts always reported from Orissa State that have been occuring since Last Christmas, better: since 1999.

I know very well India has quite inhabitants and all of you in charge of this Country have something more important to do than to take care of religons conflicts between VHP and christians. And maoists...

But one thing you can no more letting to do: put a end on that situation, because now, everyday, milions of people are looking at hundred of photos that are showing that bestiality may hapens within any religion, even in Hinduism.

I know you are tired of seeing, anyway I attached a dozen of pics that shame my indigenous friends - and me.

Please, stop that crimes.

Mr. Joao B. Cruzue / Brazil

Photo: AICC
Orissa 12
Body of Pastor Dibya Sundars

Photo: AICC
Orissa 11
Holy Bibles burnt

Photo: AICC
Orissa 9
christian teenager with second grade burnts



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